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'Honaunau Place of Refuge', Kona, HI, courtesy Linda Andrews

RTI Spatial Impact Factor Database

General Description of the Geo Databases

Overview and Description of All Data Currently Available

The RTI Spatial Impact Factor Data are now available in two formats.

  1. MS Access databases contain all variables in one database for each level of geography. A user guide describes how to export subsets of these data easily into EXCEL files. See download data tab.
  2. Data search and query by geography function on this web site (rtispatialdata.rti.org) allows you to search for and download just the data you need, and does not require MS Access software. See data search query and download tab.

This site was created to provide public access to RTI Spatial Impact Factor Data.

Please use the following information when citing the databases in work products using these data:

"Spatial Impact Factor Data, RTI International, Version 5, May 2012"

For further information contact us.

Lee R. Mobley PhD
Associate Professor, Spatial Science and Health Economics
School of Public Health
Georgia State University
PO Box 3982, 1 Park Place
Atlanta, GA 30303-3982

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This work was supported by a National Cancer Institute grant (1R01CA126858-01A1), for the project entitled:

"Geospatial Factors & Impacts: Measurement and Use"

Additional American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) funding has enabled release of these data to the public much sooner than would have been possible without this supplemental investment.

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